Look Through My Weather Window!

My Own Weather Window  

Is the sky ALWAYS Blue? Or, if we are being clever observers, could we notice differences in shades? And might those different shades teach us something about forecasting the weather? This activity will help you make better observations ~ the first step to becoming a Junior Meteorologist!

Materials Needed:
  • Crayons or paint color samples in shades of blue & grays
  • White Poster Board
  • Scissors or Craft Knife
  • Ruler
  • Pencil

Step 1: Cut poster board into a (determine appropriate size here) rectangle/square 

Step 2: Draw a 2-inch border and cut out the inside to create a “frame”

Step 3: Mark off every 2 inches (or so) around the square

Step 4: Color OR glue the BLUE paint samples in each square arranging the colors from lightest to darkest around the frame. (Side A)

Step 5: Repeat on the backside with the GRAY grouping of colors. (Side B)

Step 6: Once dry, Hold the window up to the sky and find your color match! 

Step 7: Make an observation: Is today’s sky a bright clear blue (like a color on Side A?) A milky white? An Ominous dark gray (like a color on Side B?) 

Discussion points:
If you see an ominous gray, what could you predict about the weather? Which color match would signify the best time for a picnic?

While you’re at it… make some more observations! Is it windy? Humid? Hot or cold? Does it look like you’ll need an umbrella soon? Or sunglasses?

Write down your observations, make some predictions, and then present a weather forecast to your friends!!

You’re a great observer and on your way to being a 
Junior Meteorologist!

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