A Dicey Obstacle Course

Time to get the kids outdoors for some physical and mental fitness, leaving their pathway to fun to the roll of a die! This fun game can be played with a friend as a race or with just one player to celebrate their athletic accomplishment. Kids will be exercising their muscles and coordination with a little adventure mixed in!


A Dicey Obstacle Course
Materials Needed:
  • Die
  • Pencil & paper
  • A space large enough for movement, like a lawn, driveway, or park area
  • Tape or chalk

Step 1: Brainstorm 6 specific movements that would be fun, and slightly challenging to your child. Or choose from our list!* 

  1. Jumping jack
  2. Hop on one foot
  3. Spin in a circle
  4. Bunny hop
  5. Banana split step (one foot in front of the other as far as you can go without putting hands on ground)
  6. Crab walk (put your hands on the ground behind you and without letting your backside touch the ground walk on all fours)


More Examples: 

  • Burpee (jump up, then crouch down, walk your hands out to a plank position, then walk your feet up to meet your hands and stand up)
  • Backward Step*


Step 2: Write the six movements down on a piece of paper, assigning them each a number between 1-6. 

Step 3: Determine a Starting point in an area and mark it with tape or chalk. Then, count off 15-20 giant steps and mark a “Finish” line with the tape or chalk. 

Step 4: Roll the first die to see what movement* you get, and then roll the second die to see how many of those movements you must do in order to move toward the finish line.

For example: Rolling a #5 and a #6 would mean you take 6 Banana Split steps forward.

*Note: (some of the moves can create forward progress, some will keep you in the same position, and others could push your position back)


Make the moves as challenging as you want,
and Have fun!

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