Ice Cream In A Bag

Ice Cream In A Bag!

Kids and ice cream make good chemistry!

What summer (or any season for that matter!) day isn’t made better by a serving of ice cream?! 
Challenge your kids to take the science of ice cream making into their own hands.. Literally!


tag! DIY Camp Icecream in a plastic bag

Here is our recipe for… Easy homemade ice cream in a bag

Materials Needed:
  • Sugar 
  • Milk (half n half, heavy whipping cream, etc..)
  • Vanilla extract
  • Rock Salt (we like Morton’s Ice Cream Salt)
  • Ice Cubes
  • Measuring spoons & cup
  • Small sealable bag
  • Gallon-size sealable bag
  • Hand towel

Step 1: Pour ingredients into the smaller bag: 1T sugar, 1/4t vanilla, ½ cup milk (or half n half, heavy cream, etc..) 

Step 2: Add 4 cups to the gallon-sized bag, then add ½ cup of salt to the same bag

Step 3: Place the smaller bag with liquid into the middle of the ice in the larger bag.

Step 4: Wrap bag with a towel and shake it around for about 5 minutes. Check very few minutes to see your progress.

Step 5: Ice cream is ready when it had reached your desired consistency

Step 6: Grab a spoon and enjoy!

Add your own twist… strawberries or chocolate syrup!


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