Response to COVID-19

The tag! Children’s Museum Children’s of St. Augustine has taken the preventative measure of temporarily closing our workshops and programming as of March 14, 2020, to help slow the spread of the coronavirus. Updates will be posted below.

Our team continues to move full STEAM ahead by adjusting to our home-based work environments and continuing our work on construction design, engineering and exhibit development and doing our part to fight against the continued spread of the virus. We are grateful to the many who serve and risk their health in order to protect ours, and we feel tremendous respect and compassion for each and every one of them. 

The week before we had to temporarily close, we were able to hold a Makers Workshop. Please enjoy some highlights from that workshop in the video below and know that we at tag! Children’s Museum will be defined by our mission, vision, hopes, dreams and the light of the next generation that we hold so dear. 


The tag! Children’s Museum Children’s of St. Augustine will be offering off-site workshops this summer as we build on our property! Stay tuned for details coming in June 2022…