Bubble Wand Engineering

Blowing bubbles is fun! Take it to the next level by becoming a bubble wand engineer!

Experiment with different forms to see which works best for making bubbles. Can you change the shape of your bubbles or make them last longer? These are the types of experiments creative engineers would do to create the best designs for things they’re building. And, it’s okay if it doesn’t work well! That’s part of the design process. Go for it!

Materials Needed: 
    • Bubble solution (water, dish liquid (we recommend Dawn,) & sugar)
    • Plastic cups
    • Kitchen funnel
    • Drinking straws, plastic works best
    • Pipe cleaners
    • Kitchen fork
    • Your imagination

Step 1: Make Homemade bubble solution: ½ cup dish liquid (we recommend Dawn), 1 ½ cups of water, 2 teaspoons sugar. Gently mix together 

Step 2: Use your various “wands” to see which makes the best bubbles.

  • Plastic cups, punch a hole through the bottom to blow through, dip the top end into solution
  • Kitchen funnel, dip the large end into solution, blow through the small end
  • Drinking straws; try taping a group of drinking straws together for multiple bubbles
  • Pipe cleaners, bend into fun shapes and dip into the solution
  • Kitchen Fork, dip prongs into solution and blow on them to see what you get!
  • Your choice! Can you invent a better bubble wand using items you find in your house?
Discussion Topics:

Which wand makes the largest bubble?
The smallest?
The most?
The longest lasting?

Have fun engineering!

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