A children’s museum is defined as a nonprofit educational and cultural institution committed to serving the needs and interests of children by providing exhibits and programs that stimulate curiosity and motivate learning. Children’s museums are unique community institutions where…

  • Children are valued citizens with the right to developmentally-appropriate and high-quality learning experiences.
  • Play is learning, and it is critical to the healthy social, emotional, and cognitive development of children.
  • Family, culture, environment, and society are recognized as critical factors in all children’s lives to effectively serve them.
  • Pursuing equity and inclusion is a best practice that reflects a commitment to serving all children and families and advancing the growth of our field.

It will be located in the St. Augustine Shipyard Village and right next to Target Super Store. The Museum’s 4-acre site will be the perfect setting for indoor and outdoor exhibits and experiences for the entire family.

tag! Children’s Museum will be built in phases. The first phase is a collection of  four indoor galleries, including a make shop, and a host of outdoor learning gardens and engaging exhibits, creating a vibrant educational facility for children and families.

  • Children of all social, emotional, socio-economic, developmental, physical, and sensory status.
  • Schools and educators.
  • Parents and parent organizations.
  • Business and industry.
  • Creatives and makers.
  • YOU!

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We are conducting a capital campaign to give families, businesses, and others the opportunity to invest in the future of Northeast Florida. Please contact Kim MacEwan at kmacewan@tagmuseum.org 904-613-0104 to discuss how you can be involved.

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