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Tim Forson, Superintendent of Schools St. Johns County Schools – The Children’s Museum provides educational and fun programming that complements the experiences our children gain in the classroom. The hands-on learning opportunities are varied to build on life skills and academics. The Children’s Museum offers our community the ability to STEAM forward and we are very grateful for the impact it will make on our very youngest and oldest citizens.

Kaneika Nimmons, Dean, St. Johns County School District – When tag! volunteered to bring over science kits and get involved at our science fair STEM night,  it was the buzz at our school for the next few weeks. It brought in so many families from the community and it allowed that time for kids, with their families, that they probably don’t get often.  

Robert Nimmons, West Augustine CRA – tag! will be a force of nature in St. Johns County. I would give a plea out to the community and to business partners to invest in tag! I think it will have an impact economic impact in St. Augustine and St. Johns County that will also help other businesses along the way. It’s just a good investment.

Delores and Allen Lastinger – We were so impressed with their persistence and their dedication to this project. It was contagious. 

Delores Lastinger – One of the things you’re seeing in education today is experiential learning – I think this is a wonderful opportunity to expand on that part of teaching and learning.

Ben Platt – We’ve invested in the children’s museum because we believe its a community asset, that’s going to be a wonderful legacy for the people that live here, for the people who visit here.

Doug Wiles – It all goes back to the imagination and having something to stimulate the thoughts and the dreams, and the desires, of ((children)) are important- and that’s why I’m really excited about the children’s museum.

Dr. Jimmy Glenos – It’s going to be a place like no other for young children to learn how to think critically. To learn about nature, and physics.. and science- It’s more than they would ever have the opportunity to learn without the museum.

Caren Goldman, Compassionate St. Augustine – Your (tag’s) collaborative and cooperative ethos is just really heartwarming.


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